How do I set up my EQUIMETRE training sessions?

The EQUIMETRE platform is customizable: many features can be adapted to your preferences.

To set your EQUIMETRE account, go to : 
My account at the top right of your screen > Profile > My trainings

1. Choose your key parameters

- Your key parameters are the first ones you will see on each training page.
- They will also be the ones we display in the comparison tool and on the horse profile page.
- Delete and add rows, select the parameter to be displayed in each cell with the drop down menu.


To modify the key parameters, simply go to :

  1. Edit key parameters
  2. Key parameters
  3. Modify and select the desired parameters
  4. Save
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Don't forget to save 

2. Choose the visualization of the interactive map

    - Colors according to speed
    - Colors according to speed
    Set the speed corresponding to the fastest zones in km/h

    Don't forget to save

    3. Define the visualization of the graphs  

     - Decide which graphs to display on the training page: Speed, Heart Rate, Amplitude, Cadence.

    - Then choose whether to view them individually like this:

    - Or juxtapose them by merging them like this:

    You can also choose the default scale: Distance or Time

    Don't forget to save

    4. Choose the default interval length

    - Choose the default interval length, ranging from 25 to 2000 meters

    Don't forget to save