How to customize the key parameters?

The key parameters are the first data displayed on the Training page. They are used for the Comparison tool and can be customized to better match your needs.

Where to set up your key parameters?

Click on the My Account tab (top right of the web platform) > Settings > My Trainings

Build your key data table: which will appear at the beginning of each training session. The data chosen will also be the data compared by the Comparison tool. 

You can add up to 12 key parameters (3 lines of 4 parameters).

(1) Add or remove lines using the buttons at the bottom left.

(2) For each box, choose the parameter you want to see in that location.

(3) Don't forget to save your table when modified !

Preselections exist to guide you, do not hesitate to use them according to your profile (flat trainer, harness racing trainer or veterinarian), they offer interesting ideas for starting points.

45 parameters available

The list of parameters and their descriptions are available on this same page. You can refer to it to make your choice and preview what each of this data would look like (5).