Speed and Tracking

For each training, you’ll find the parameters of speed and tracking on the platform.

Navigation Slider

On each training, you can replay the training. On the map, you can see the point symbolizing the horse and his parameters on the left side of the screen evolving.

Move the cursor (1) along the scroll barre if you wish to find a specific point of interest. Press play (2) and pause if you want to see the point moving forward and the evolution of the data on the right side of the map. When the training is in reading mode, a barre symbolizing the progress moves along the curves and the intervals of the split times table highlight when progressing.

The speed curve

You can analyze the evolution of speed, acceleration, and deceleration. The analysis of the speed curve is an interesting thing to compare with the cardio one (check the article about cardiac frequency). When putting your cursor along the curve, a barre appears to facilitate the reading in order to follow with more precision speed point by point. When selecting a moment on the curve (click and stretch), a zoom is made so that you can observe a more precise part of the training.

Split times table

For a finer analysis of speed, you can refer to split times. Thanks to the split times table, you can analyze the average speed on each interval (every furlong for instance). You can set up the parameters you want on the table so that it utterly fits your needs (see the article about split times table to know more about it).

Download the datasheet