My yard

The tab 'My Yard' gathers all your horses. It is a good starting point to get to a horse's profile and to add horses.

Go to the 'My Yard' tab to find the list of horses and add horses. An overview of your stable is also available on the Dashboard.

Click on a horse's name to access its profile page.

Do I need to manually add my horses to my yard? 

For horses registered in the SIRE database (French horses), everything is automatic. EQUIMETRE can find the information automatically thanks to the veterinary chip number: after scanning the veterinary chip, you have nothing to do and your horse is automatically added to your stable.

For non-French horses, you need to add the list of your horses and fill in their veterinary chip number and information so that the sensor can automatically associate the recorded trainings after scanning their chip. To add a horse, get its veterinary passport, click on the "Add a horse" button, and follow the instructions.

For trainers with non-French horses, we recommend adding the list of horses manually before starting to use EQUIMETRE. 

I monitored a horse that I did not enter in the list of my horses beforehand

If the horse is French and present in the SIRE database, it will be automatically added to your list. 

For non-French horses, after downloading the training with your phone, in the My Trainings tab of the phone application, press "Choose a horse".
  • The list of your known horses will be displayed
  • If necessary, add a new one thanks to the (+) in the top right corner with the veterinarian chip number.
  • Fill in the requested information

I want to delete a horse from my list

To delete a horse that is no longer in training in your stable, toggle the green slider from the My Stable page. The horse's card will be grayed out with the words "Not in training". Its card will be relegated to the bottom of the list, and the horse will no longer appear in your calendar or in Analytics. 

If you don't want to see the horses out of training appear in your list, use the filter "Status" and check "In training".