My Equimeter won't turn on.

You have tried to start your device normally by pressing the button once but nothing happens?

First of all, 1st step check that your Equimetre has battery, for that put it in charge with the clamp connected to the sector.
The orange led of load must light up (green led if your device is charged to 100%). If this is not the case here is the procedure to follow, otherwise you can go to the next step.

Warning: In case of charging problem, if no led lights up when the clamp is put on the sensor, some steps can allow you to solve the problem.

  • Check that the cable is correctly plugged into a working socket
  • Make sure the pins on the clamp are in contact with the pins on the sensor.
  • If the pins look dirty, clean them with a soft cloth.
  • If not, call for support with the sensor number (on the label on the back).

Once your Equimeter is charging, step 2 is to try to turn it on again. Try pressing with the whole fingertip / fingernail / a small object that will not damage the sensor or the button.


If after the 2nd step your Equimeter still does not turn on, you have 2 solutions.
  1. The first is to remove the button. To do this, use your fingers or fingernails to remove Image d’iOS (3)the current button, taking care not to break anything and not to hurt yourself.
    Then, using a small plastic object (pen, screwdriver, etc) you can try to press gently on the small black push button inside the Equimeter.
    No need to press hard, you should "feel" the click. If the Equimeter lights up then it is only necessary to change the button for future use, put it aside. To change the button you can follow this link: change my button .
    If your Equimeter still does not turn on, go to solution 2
  2. The 2nd solution is to inform the support (+33781727464) of your problem for a possible return of your Equimeter to repair it.


If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact our support via the link or on WhatsApp.