What do my lights stand for? (V2)

You are wondering what the LEDs on your Equimeter are, blue, orange, flashing or not. The answers are here. (only for V2 devices)

  • White LED ◉ : must be on and flashing until the horse chip is not detected or triggered manually.
    • If you cannot detect your horse’s chip, you can start the training manually by pressing the "Start" button 3 times. 
  • Green LED point gps: indicates the GPS signal and flashes until it is found and then attaches.
  • Red LED Capture d’écran 2024-02-15 à 10.36.33 : indicates the heart signal and flashes at the heart rate when detected.
  • Blue LED Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 15.21.09: indicates a data exchange between the sensor and the phone. Flashes during synchronization, update or live BLE.
  • LED batterie: indicates charge status. Fixed orange, sensor is charging. Flashing orange, charger is not plugged in properly, sensor is not charging. Green, the battery is 100%. Flashing red, the sensor is out of battery.

Warning: if the blue led flashes while you do not think you are connected, check that your Equimetre application is quit (swipe up, or "kill" the application), and that the Equimeters are not paired among the BLE devices.

Warning: If the LED of the cardio beats too fast while the horse is at rest, it is because there is a bad contact between the skin and the electrodes. In this case you must check the cardio live and rewet the electrodes and hair if necessary.

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