EQUIMETRE Analytics Premium

Available for EQUIMETRE Pro customers, this functionality allows a more detailed and advanced analysis of the parameters collected by EQUIMETRE. The table works like an Excel spreadsheet. It allows EQUIMETRE Pro customers to analyze the longitudinal evolution of a horse, to make more detailed comparisons, and to carry out more detailed calculations and analysis by downloading the data to Excel.

Filters (1)

The date filter allows you to focus on trainings between a specific period. To display certain trainings, filter by horse, horse age, track name,  training type, track conditions, or track surface. Deselect all and select the settings for the trainings you are interested in.

Use the search bar to go more directly to the trainings that include the search term. For example, by typing «Hard Gallop», the table will only display the training sessions qualified as «Hard Gallop» (see the article «Training Qualification»).

Export to Excel (2)

For even more precise analysis, filtering and sorting, export your table to Excel by clicking on the «Export to Excel» button.

How to customize the table?

Choose the number of rows to display in the table to adjust the view (3). The full-screen button (4) allows a more convenient view for easier analysis. 

Classify (5)

By clicking on the column name, an automatic ascending sort is established. By clicking again, the sort is descending.

Customize this table (6)

This allows you to; and, remove and reorder parameters in the analytics table so you can personalise the view to suit your training needs. For more information see, How to customize the Analytics tab?

Download the datasheet