How to customize the Analytics tab?

The Analytics tab allows you to build a customized data table by choosing from several hundreds parameters.

Accessing the settings area

To set up the table you can click on My Account at the top right hand corner --> Settings --> My Analytics Table. 

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You can also go to the Analytics settings, directly by using the "Customize this table" shortcut above the Analytics table.

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Default settings

Our teams have built preselections of parameters according to the type of account (Galop, Trot, Sport, Vet). By default, the table corresponding to your account type is selected. You can play with the different preselections thanks to the drop-down menu. 


In your account settings, you can choose the indicators you want to add (or remove) in the left panel "General". You can chose from several hundreds parameters that are calculated at each use.

They will appear in the right panel "Order Column" and this same panel allows you to reorder the columns of your table by clicking and dragging the parameters. 

You can also chose to pin some parameters that are particularly interesting for you so that they will always appear in the first column, next to your horse' name.

Don't forget to save your selection!

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Adding another configuration

Another configuration can be added to your account by clicking the "+" icon beside configuration 1. This allows you to create another table with a different set of parameters and rename accordingly. By clicking on the Star Icon the configuration will be set as your default view, again don't forget to save your selection!

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List of available parameters and their description here