I need help to analyse the EQUIMETRE data

We do everything possible to ensure that you can make the most of your data. Just call your Data Success Manager.

What is a Data Success Manager?

At Arioneo, Data Success Managers are part of a team dedicated to our customers to support them in the use of the product. Each customer can call on their dedicated Data Success Manager who is their point of contact at Arioneo. 

The Data Success Managers are there to answer any questions customers may have, from the instal of the devices to the data analysis and also to introduce them to the new features. They also act as a bridge with the sales and support teams.

How is the relationship with the Data Success Manager organized?

Shortly after being delivered, each customer receives an e-mail presenting his or her reference point of contact. Often, a Whatsapp conversation is created to ensure a smoother flow of communication.

The first month: your Data Success Manager will follow you closely during your first uses. Sensor installation, applications, first analyses and account setup will be scheduled during your first appointments.  

Afterwards, your Data Success Manager will be in contact roughly once a month in order to make sure everything is going smoothly with your device. 

The chatbot

At any time, get help thanks to the chatbot on the Equimetre platform. It will redirect you to your Data Success Manager and give you some first answers. We see all your messages and you will get an answer very quickly.

Data Coaching appointments

At any time, you can request an appointment with your Data Success Manager thanks to the appointment link he will have sent you in his first e-mail. This link to his agenda is also available in all his email signatures.

Of course, don't hesitate to reach him or her by Whatsapp at any time for specific questions.

We need your help

At Arioneo we believe that our customers have a key role to play in the development of our solutions. We welcome feedback, opinions and suggestions from our customers.

Don't forget that we are a small team and that we work hard to come up with new developments on a regular basis. An idea that you will have passed on to your Data Success Manager could come to life in just a few weeks!