I cannot press the button on my sensor.

The button of the Equimetre is hard. It is difficult to press it to turn on or off the sensor: it does sink in or gets stuck. It does not "click" under the finger.

Solution 1: Try to press with the whole finger / with the fingernail / with a small object that will not damage the sensor nor the button.

Solution 2: Use a cutter to sharpen the button.

DO NOT cut more than 1mm.
DO NOT cut above the small edge in the middle of the button like shown on the video below:


  • Solution 3: Change the button. To do so, get in touch with support by calling or texting
    +33 7 81 72 74 64
    A button will be sent to you by mail.

    Capture d’écran 2021-04-12 à 11.31.03