How to set up the EQUIMETRE app ?

Setting up the EQUIMETRE application on a smartphone

1. Login

Enter your EQUIMETRE account information and press « login»

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2. List of Equimetre devices

The Equimetre linked to your account should appear by default. To add a new EQUIMETRE: click on "add an EQUIMETRE" or click on the + sign at the top right of the home page.

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The list of EQUIMETRE detected within range is displayed.

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Select the EQUIMETRE sensor to be added to your list: the identifier of this EQUIMETRE is located on the back of the case.
Once the operation is completed, click on the back arrow at the top left of the page to return to the home screen.
Then click on "Synchronisation of training sessions". The percentage change indicates the progress of the download.

3. My training

On the home page, below the Equimetre number, when the message "Disconnected - Last synchronization on: ... " replaces the message " Synchronization in progress ", click on the " My trainings " tab at the bottom of the screen. Once on the list of your trainings, you can click on the one of your choice to access the main data.

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4. Training & Horse association

If your horse's chip has been detected by EQUIMETRE before training and the horse is registered in the SIRE database (for French horses), its name appears directly next to the EQUIMETRE sensor identifier in the training list. If the horse is not in the SIRE database, especially for non French horses, the name of the EQUIMETRE + the date and time appears instead of the horse's name.

If the horse's name has not been recognized by EQUIMETRE, you want to assign the training to a horse via the app manually: click on "Choose a horse" next to the corresponding EQUIMETRE ID.
A new "My Horses" window will appear.

Be careful: the training won't upload if it is not linked to a horse. You must choose a horse to allow the training to be uploaded to the cloud and back to the platform.

There are two possibilities:

• The horse is already on the list of your horses in your account: just select it from the list provided. Your list is the same as the one from the "My Yard" tab on the Equimetre platform.

• The horse has never been registered on your account and does not appear on the list of your horses: for this horse to be added to the list of your horses, click on the "+" sign in the top right-hand corner and manually enter the horse's chip number (corresponding to the transponder number in the horse's identification booklet, be careful not to confuse it with the SIRE number).
When the horse's chip is registered, its name appears in the list of your horses.
Select the name of the horse. You will find the training linked to the horse's name in the training list.

If you scanned the vet chip for the first time and added the horse to your list after the synchronisation, you will be able to scan it and Equimetre will automatically recognise him the next time you use it. 

You can now access your training via your account on the EQUIMETRE platform from your computer.