Graph visualisation tips

It is possible to zoom on specific graph zones, you can change the x-axis units, synchronise map visualisation with graph visualisation, and you have the possibility to change the sectionals length.

Zoom on the graphs

To change the framing of the graphics, highlight the area of interest you wish to zoom in on. Move your mouse over the beginning of the area of interest and click and drag to the end of the area.

Zoom graphe

Passing the X-axis in time

By default the graphs show the evolution over distance. You can view them over time by selecting Time at the top right of the graph section from the replay page of a training session.

X-axis change - zoom graph

Matching map and graphic visualization

Do you want to find a specific moment in your memory on the graph? Look at the training map, and thanks to the training playback bar, move forward until the point corresponding to the horse is in the right place on the track. Press pause and scroll down to the graphs. The progress bar has stopped at the corresponding point.

Map -  graph coordination

Changing the interval of intermediate times

The split times table allows you to view the training sectionals. You can set the length of these intervals using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the table. To change the default view, go to your account settings.