Customer Service at Arioneo

This division is divided into two parts: the After Sales Service and the Success Team (Data Success Manager)

1. The After Sales Service

The after-sales service is the office in charge of any type of technical problem:
It is responsible for managing breakdowns and malfunctions related to the use of the sensor, the platform and the mobile applications attached to it. 
It manages the following dimensions:

- Mechanical 
- Technical
- IT

My Equimeter does not turn on / I cannot synchronize my trainings / The cardio is not displayed correctly on my training

2. The Success 

The Success department is responsible for customer requests. It ensures customer satisfaction:
It is in charge of managing requests related to the understanding and use of the sensor, the platform and the applications. A dedicated Data Success Manager is assigned to you at the beginning of your contract.
He/she manages in particular:

- The dissemination of knowledge
- The customization of the platform
- Data interpretation

I would like help understanding my training / I would like to add a finish line / I don't understand the different heart rate zones

  • Our teams are available at all times. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you do not know in which category your request falls.

Get in touch with the After Sales Services or the Success Team

After Sales Service Success Team
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  • You have the contact information of your dedicated Data Success Manager in their email signature.