What is the procedure for a return?

Do you have a problem with one of your sensors and need to send it back?

First, gather the items to be sent back only, if the problem comes from the Equimeter, no need to send back the charger, the box or the strap with it.

If you are in doubt, please ask our support before sending!

You can pack the object in a box, a cardboard box, by simply taking care that the object can't move around too much in the container otherwise it could get damaged.

Do not pack the device in a letter, even a bubbled one, as the electronic equipment inside may be damaged during the transport.

Close and tape the parcel, then all you have to do is print and paste the delivery slip directly on it. Here is the delivery address:


Théo Niefer
94 Boulevard Auguste Blanqui

1er étage
75013 PARIS

+33 7 81 72 74 64

Make sure you don't send your packages via local posts in order to avoid delivery issues and/or delays!

(Click here to access international carriers' websites: UPS/ DHL)

Please note the tracking number and send it to us by email or WhatsApp so that we know where the package is at all times.

  • If you are not in a country that is NOT part of the European Union / outside the EU:

If you are sending goods from outside the European Union and not intended for sale (for repair purpose here), we must abide by some customs rules. It is necessary to add a pro forma invoice in 3 copies to the package.

It is therefore necessary, in addition to the return address, to have 3 copies of the pro forma invoices accessible by customs (preferably stuck in a pocket on the parcel).

Please note that the value per sensor indicated on the pro forma invoices must be 100€ / sensor.

Here is the information about the package you can use:

GPS horse sensor, repaired and returned (after sales service), HS code: 901480.

Below is a link to a pro forma invoice, which you can use for your return:
The parts to fill in are:

  • "Date of shipping"
  • "Tracking number"
  • "Shipper from"
  • "QTY" (Quantity)
  • "Freight" (price)
  • "DATE" at the bottom right. 

We will try to repair and return your equipment within a week!

  • You are in France, or in another country belonging to the European Union:

There are no additional steps to follow.

You can send your package!

We will try to repair and return your equipment within a week.

If you have any question about this article or problems with your device, you can contact support at +33 7 81 72 74 64.