I can't synchronise my data

Trainings synchronisation issues

If you have difficulties in synchronizing the EQUIMETRE sensor data, here are the checks to be carried out :

  • Check that the Bluetooth of the phone or tablet is enabled
  • Check that the EQUIMETRE sensor is switched OFF and the sensor still has battery left.
  • Check that all EQUIMETRE live apps are all killed: EQUIMETRE can only connect to one unique app.
  • Equimetre should not be manually connected from your Bluetooth phone settings page, if you've done so, forget the device.
  • It is preferable to always use the latest App version: please check in the Appstore or Playstore if that's the case.
  • Let the device downloading the training data nearby from the EQUIMETRE sensors to be synchronized.
  • When trainings are stuck in the "Pending uploads" list, data is being sent to the cloud by your phone: check your internet connection
  • If the number of trainings to be synchronized is large, the loading may take a few minutes. If the trainings to synchronize are more than 15 days old, change the number of days to download from the application settings.

Once these verifications have been made, here is the procedure to follow depending on the case:

  • If the data download does not take place, kill the EQUIMETRE application, desactivate the Bluetooth on your phone then reactivate it and restart the EQUIMETRE application.
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  • If the synchronisation stops at 25% or below, restart synchronisation after restarting the EQUIMETRE application.
  • If the EQUIMETRE application is unable to load the display of the
    main training data, kill the EQUIMETRE application and restart it.
  • If the EQUIMETRE platform is unable to load the display of the map, graphs and interval table, update version of your browser.

If all of the above have not prove successful, there are two possible resets to try before looking inside the device. First, try to start a manual training:

  • Turn the device on
  • Click 3 times rapidly to launch a manual training
  • Wait for 30s/1min
  • Turn the device off
  • Try again to sync normally

The other way to reset Equimetre is to let it empty its battery, and to start over.


If the problem is still unsolved, contact the Arioneo Support team. +33781727464


Complete user guides are accessible through this link.